Tarot Cards and Omens

I have two glass dishes on my altar that hold my main pillar candles, the night after Samhain I went for a quick shower and when I came back into the room I found one of the glass dishes had been smashed, it was as though someone had picked it up and smashed it down right in the middle of my altar- there was glass everywhere and I was completely shocked. I just stood and stared for ages before I cleaned it up- I couldn’t understand what had happened.

Whether the explanation for it is normal or paranormal I still think that it was some kind of warning, it was like the Gods desperately trying to get my attention… so I did a quick tarot reading.

I only picked two cards; I got the Knight of Wands reversed and the Eight of Wands. I think that the warning they were trying to give me was to relax and not push things- just to let things happen organically and to THINK before I act, both things that I need to take into consideration at the moment both in my personal and professional life. I need to stop pushing people and relax, I have to trust that they will come back to me instead of pursuing them and consequently pushing them away, the same with my career.

I love reading the tarot. I don’t do it very often, and I’m not great at remembering the meanings of the cards (I always look them up) but I find that it gives a brilliant clarity to situations. Tarot isn’t about telling the future, it’s about understanding the present. I like to do a reading when I’m confused and there’s a lot going on in my life- or when I get the feeling that I’m in the dark about something. Tarot helps me to gain clarity and perspective, you may think I’m totally bonkers (hey, I’ve got the medical record to prove it) but I’ve made major life decisions (whether or not to take a gap year, whether or not to audition for a course) based on the Tarot- maybe the cards are just a way for me to tap into my subconscious and let my inner wisdom guide me, or maybe they really are some kind of oracle, either way they work for me…

‘til next time,

Wren x


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