Samhain Thoughts

So this week in honour of Samhain we’re going to be having a bumper Pagan Friday!

Part One: Reflections on the Past Year

I’ve grown more in this year than any other in my life, I’m glad that this time last year I was in a happy place- I knew that the Gods were going to pick away and take that from me, and they did.

In the last year I have:

Kissed sixteen men, done four shows, directed three shows, made countless friends, been in two relationships, been to two funerals, visited hospital twice, needed an ambulance once, been mistaken for a teacher three times, had one incident of Self Harm, drunk one third of a bottle of red wine, had my heart broken twice, had over three hundred stage kisses, cried uncontrollably in the drama office twice, watched three people vomit, applied for twenty three jobs, been rejected (personally and professionally) twenty nine times, worn through two pairs of shoes, bought one leotard (that I refuse to wear), been to five auditions, received eight scarves, used seven candles, been called ‘mum’ too many times, met three people I thought I’d never see again, won one scholarship, learnt three scripts, gained two rings, used (and lost) 100+ kirby grips, told three people that I’m mentally ill, seen one psychiatrist, been through one bottle of hairspray, learnt five monologues, bought one OMNIA album, filled out two UCAS applications, made one friend for life, fallen in love three times and been through one tube of red lipstick.


Part Two: New Years Resolutions

I don’t like making these because I always break them- so I’m going to try and keep them simple, I think this year I want to ground myself and get back in touch with who I am after the last couple of years of movement and progression- so this year I want to:

–          Go on Pilgrimage to Glastonbury, this one’s really, really important to me- whatever’s going on in my life this year I really, really need to do this. It’s something I’ve been planning for a long time.

–          Get my driving license! I need to stop stopping and starting with this one and just do the bloody thing already.

–          Edit Troglodyte (my most recent novel) and think about the next one, writing’s such an important part of my life and it’s a shame that the acting is causing it to fall by the wayside.

–          Make sure that whatever I do, I do it because I love it… no giving up and going to university just so that I fit in with everyone else!

–          Get back into the groove of regular rituals and meditation- I need something to get my Pagan body-clock working again.

 Hope you all had a blessed Samhain,

Wren x


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