Pagan Blog Project: The Druid Bird’s Dreams

So, I didn’t write last week cos I was busy A) moving Romeo’s bed and B) washing fake blood out of my hair… and yes, my performance of ‘Oedipus Rex’ went pretty well!

This week I thought I’d ramble on about dreams…

I don’t know if I give any credence to the idea that dreams hold powerful meanings, but I do think that they’re important for showing us things that we would otherwise overlook.

For example, at the moment I’m having lots of dreams about people that I used to know but have fallen out of touch with, this can mean a lot of things- it could be a reflection of my fear of the future and the subsequent nostalgia that I’m feeling about the past. It could be that I want those people to see the person that I am now and to be able to have a better relationship with them.

I’m also having lots of dreams about having sex with strangers… this could be taken as a reflection of the fact that I’m a little *cough* horny *cough* at the moment, or could be to do with the prospect of being a new person and meeting new people and moving on with my life into unchartered territory… I reckon it’s probably a combination of all that.

And finally, I’m having dreams about acting. I think this is probably the most self explanatory, acting/directing/yelling at people about drama is what I spend the majority of my life doing, so it’s only natural that when I’m stressing about a show it should creep into my dreams as well.

I think people need to put away the Freud (trust me, I’m a psych student) and think about dreams in a more straight-forward manner, the meaning can sometimes be right in front of your eyes and they can help you shed light on inner conflict.

After all, sometimes the magick is in the common sense…

Blessed be,

Wren x


One thought on “Pagan Blog Project: The Druid Bird’s Dreams

  1. It is indeed! Don’t know about you, but I get the stranger sex dreams too despite being engaged… Perhaps this is my way of letting go, aha!

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