Pagan Blog Project: Out of the Broom Closet

Yes, it’s a friday- and yes, I am posting something for the PBP!

I wanted to write about my experience of coming out of the broom closet as I think that it’s quite different to the usual stories on the subject… thought hopefully not, it would be rather lovely if everyone had the same experience as me… but I digress.

The difference with me is that I was never really in the broom closet, as soon as I decided to follow Paganism I was open about it- I mean, I didn’t sit and rattle on about it all day but if I was asked I would answer honestly.

I live in Harrogate, the ‘little London’ of the North (actually an inaccurate description- it’s just sort of middle class and boring and shit.) and the response to my religion has generally been apathy or calm interest.

Being Pagan is a great topic of conversation- it’s gotten me into conversations with people who would otherwise have never spoken to me and made them respect me as a human being. People generally think I’m just a bit of a hippy- but I’d rather that than them thinking of me as a heretic.

Sometimes it’s made people back off a little, but only in an apprehensive way- usually when I explain it a little to them they calm down and are fine with it- and I still get several people requesting me to do magick for them on an almost daily basis, but I’ve never had any serious problem with it.

My family’s reaction was one of ‘we won’t ask, you won’t talk about it and you can do what you like’ they let me stay up all night and have candles burning on the Solstices and I have an altar and do rituals whenever I want to.

It did take a little while to establish some boundaries- like getting Ma to stop leaving my washing on my altar (although she still refuses to call Paganism a ‘religion’) but I was firm and calm about it and she eventually backed off.

So, all in all being Pagan and being out about it has made me friends, gained me respect and allowed me to see the world in a more mature, educated light… even if most of the people around me do think that I spend my weekends dancing naked around bonfires 😉

Blessed be,

Wren x


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