Pagan Blog Project: Avalon

So, it’s time for a Pagan Fri- wait, it’s Saturday! What madness is this? Well my friends, this is me trying to sneak in a post on an important topic that I was too tired/lazy to do last night… so anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy.

Now, as Pagans I think we should all be familiar with what ‘Avalon’ is- but this isn’t about that, this is about what Avalon means to me.

About three years ago I was listening to an episode of Druidcast that featured an interview with a Druid living in Glastonbury- it was this that started my obsession with the place, and my determination to visit.

Glastonbury is a place of pilgrimage, a place where the Gods still reside and I know in my bones that I’m meant to go there. The thought of the Tor, of Avalon, has drawn me through the darkness of the last few years and given me a goal that’s pulled me through my worst episodes.

For me Avalon is the beacon in the distance, the bright point that represents hope and freedom- freedom from my depression and various life-crap.

Avalon is the isle of Arthur and Guinevere in Celtic mythology, a mystical place far away from this world- non-Pagans may look at me going to Glastonbury Tor to try and connect with this as being stupid and tell me that I need to think about the difference between fact and fiction… but there is no difference.

There is no difference between the myths and the world that we live in today- and why should there be? I can’t fully explain how all this works in my mind- just trust me when I say that it does- everything just sort of merges into one, and it works.

For me Avalon is the future and the past, it’s escape to safety and a chance to connect with the core of life itself.

So that’s me- what does Avalon mean to you?

Blessed be,

Wren x


2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: Avalon

  1. I forgot to post mine on time yesterday, I still need to add my link to the site, aha! I remember doing a bit on Avalon when I started my blog, might actually do a full on post on it some time! In the mean time, Avalon is basically what my ‘happy place’ looks like when I want to get away from it all, especially when the fiancé gets annoyed at my ideas for wacky colour schemes!

  2. Avalon for me relates to Afallach, sire of Modron, mother of Mabon.
    Afallach was the brother of Nudd, father of Gwyn ap Nudd, the deity associated with Glastonbury Tor. Glastonbury is Ynys Witrin or Caer Wydyr, the Glass Isle, mentioned in ‘The Spoils of Annwn’. It is possible Gwyn is the ‘Chief of Annwn’, keeper of the cauldron warmed by the breath of nine maidens, which feeds into the White Spring…
    A place of magic.
    I’m visiting Glastonbury for the first time in 2 years next week! Thanks for the post 🙂

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