An Update

Wow, it’s been a slightly crazy week (or so- not actually sure when I last posted something) but my absence this time is due to many, many mad and exciting things happening, so I don’t think I can be blamed for that ūüėČ

Firstly I had a little jaunt down to London for an interview at Queen Mary’s University-¬†as per usual I did something to embarrass myself-¬†this time it was standing up and doing an improvised, mimed workout routine during the middle of the interview-¬†bear in mind that the interview consisted on me and one woman sat in a small office-¬†I was stood there casually doing squats whilst my brain screamed at me to STOP IT AND SIT DOOOOOWN!!! Which I eventually did…¬†she¬†seemed to take it pretty well and laughed instead of giving me a horrified stare so I think I¬†got away with it ūüôā

Once the interview was done I met up with the Father Bear who took me for a burger in Wetherspoons¬†and then¬†twas¬†onwards back up to Yorkshire-¬†but not before I managed to¬†take out half a tube carriage (seriously, blame whichever moron put the bloody handrails on the ceiling-¬†means that although¬†trains and Londoners stop moving at each¬†station midgets do not…)

Journey back involved me¬†desperately trying to do the last of my psychology revision¬†(exam this Wednesday… argh!)¬†which I eventually managed, even despite the rocking of the train and my random nausea.

Thursday saw me getting my head¬†down to pick out some monologues in preparation¬†for my Guildhall¬†and RADA auditions-¬†it also saw me¬†finding the light in the end of the tunnel regarding my singing woes, this light came in the form of Tybalt (AKA the god of musicals) who eased me through finding my range and¬†told me which musicals to avoid using songs from- all I need to do now is firm up my choice of song and get over my serious singing phobia ūüė¶

Then, on Friday the 11th of January I turned 18-¬†oh yeah, the big one-eight!¬†I celebrated in style by¬†falling¬†asleep in psychology¬†(whilst sat opposite the teacher-¬†apparently¬†she and the rest of the class just stared at me for a couple of minutes until I woke up and then laughed at me…)¬†and then¬†we wandered down to the chippy for birthday chips ūüėÄ and I nipped into the shop and¬†bought ALCOHOL! The dude on the till was lovely and wished me a happy birthday, I was all cheery and excited, my mood was only improved by bumping into my primary school headteacher¬†as¬†I left the shop with my carrier bag full of booze-¬†he stared at me for a while before seemingly recognising me and then staring at my drinky in shock.

We ended up down in drama with chips and other lovely things, I then spent the afternoon chilling on the sofas in sixth form with my lovely friends and Tybalt + Benvolio.

*deep breath*

THEN I spent a little time afterschool down in drama with Mercutio and Romeo messing around with wheely chairs and broom handles (minds out of the gutter please…) before wandering home to open my lovely, lovely presents and then going out for pizza with some more of my friends-¬†the only bad moment of the day was when I mistook someone walking past us for my friend Bee, who took her own life about two months ago- I hadn’t thought about it much lately and so that was a real shock to the system.

After pizza I went and bought more alcohol and then we all went and played on the swings in the park (classy, I know) and then made our way back to our respective homes.

… yeah, it doesn’t end there…

There’s still my party to write about, that was last night-¬†but I think I’m going to try and¬†get some fun pictures off of Cee¬†before I try and write about that…

So there we are, just wanted to get anyone who cares up to date on my life and promise you that interesting things are on their way! I’m carrying on with the Pagan Blog Project (bloody hell- can’t believe I’ll have been doing that for about a year!)

’til next time,

Wren x



2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Hope you had a very happy birthday, am looking forward to hearing about the party! I’m lucky because I just get offers straight away as I’m doing Creative Writing when I head to university, happy days!

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