Pagan Blog Project: Will

“It is my will, so mote it be.”

This phrase and variations of it are used in spellwork and prayers across the Pagan community and it’s only now that it’s suddenly hit me how powerful it is.

Paganism, especially Wicca, places a lot of emphasis on will and will-power- there seems to be a core, commonly held believe that if you will something, if you want it and believe in it badly enough it will happen.

This may seem like a weird, airy-fairy belief but even if I were to take a step away from my faith I’d be able to speak for the power that will can have. Believing that we can do something can be an incredibly effective thing, it can make us achieve things we never thought possible and break through our fears.

Another place I’ve seen the term ‘will’ used is in the Wiccan Rede:

These Eight words the Rede fulfill: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

I was about to write that here ‘will’ is used to mean ‘want’ but as I typed that I realised that it might be a slightly controversial thing to write… does ‘will’ here really mean ‘want’? Using ‘want’ implies that the Rede is saying we have total control of our lives… which I think is true in one sense, but not really- obviously as I’m not Wiccan I can’t speak with great authority on what the Rede is trying to say here or on what the Wiccan position on free will is… but I have to say that from my perspective at least I don’t think ‘will’ is here used to mean ‘want’ I think it means something else…

Anyway, the point I was originally trying to make was that the concept of ‘will’ is very varied but I think very relevant within Paganism, whilst the Gods are powerful and guide us along the crooked path we are not babies, we have to stand on our own two feet and understand that we have power within ourselves.

’til next time,

Blessed be,

Wren x



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