Pagan Blog Project: Wonderment

Wonderment: What a Wonderful World

For those of you who may not know; I have depression. I’ve had depression for about three years now, it’s been a long, hard road and I’m only just starting to really cope with my illness.

However, from all this darkness one thing has emerged strong and bright- and that’s my appreciation of the world around me, especially of the little things that make my life good. It takes a while to really adjust your mind to living like this- but once you do you end up feeling this deep inner calm that cannot be easily knocked.

I think that seeing the beauty in small things is something that comes naturally to Pagans- we already spend most of our lives looking to the traces of nature that are left in the concrete world around us to see beauty and meaning, and so we have development this sixth sense for appreciating the little things.

Right now in the Northern Hemisphere we’re plunging steadily into winter, Samhain has been and gone and we are embracing the New Year whilst at the same time watching everything around us slowly die. At the moment I am appreciating the crunchy leaves (not so much the slushy ones now it’s been raining though) and the frost that seems to magically appear on cars at around ten at night.

It amazes me how blind people can be- when we’re walking around late at night I walk along behind everyone else with my head tipped back, staring at the stars and (occasionally) the moon. I stop every couple of steps to carefully move snails off the path and into the hedge (and then smear my snail-y hands onto Callum’s face) and talk to all the little creatures that are running around.

Sometimes I feel like people just need to open their eyes and look at all the amazing things around them, all the tiny little things that make them happy. Tonight I won’t be going out, which is a change, I’ve spent the whole day working so I plan to now post this, make myself some tea (pasta + basic tomato sauce + shitloads of cheese = win) and watch crap telly.

‘til next time,

Wren x


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