Pagan Blog Project: Values

Hey there! I’ve been absent lately due to the fact I was busy being thrown about, beaten up and snogged- very thoroughly snogged… but more on that some other time. (For those of you now worrying a little I should clarify that I’ve just been in a ‘mature’ production of Romeo and Juliet as the leading lady.)

I’ll admit that I was a little stuck for inspiration today, so this may be a little way of me rambling on, but I am still rather busy at the moment 😛

What we value says a lot about us- some people value strength, others kindness- some value pride whilst others place emphasis on humility. I think that we all value qualities, objects and things that embody what we want in our lives.

In terms of features I value expressing love openly, the ability to keep secrets and having faith.

Because I’m lazily and busy I’m just going to ask you to think about your values and what qualities you value in others 🙂

’til next time,

a thousand times goodnight,

Wren x



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