Pagan Blog Project: The Underworld (Otherworld)

As we’re almost at Samhain and the end of the year I thought this would be a fitting topic 🙂

As I follow a Celtic path the term ‘Underworld’ is kind of incorrect, a more fitting and commonly used term is ‘Otherworld’ this is because for the Celts death was not a realm of darkness or fear, it was simply another place.

The Celtic Otherworld is home to Gods as well as spirits, there is no separate realm for them that’s away from everything else, instead they mingle with all and sundry.

For me this is just another thing that makes me realise why I’m walking the path I am, there is no good and bad, no higher realm- we are all together.

The way I picture it is that we’re all a part of one big circle, constantly going round and round and never reaching the end, it just keeps on flowing back into itself.

And now I’m going to stop before my inane rambling gets any weirder…

Have a good week 🙂

Wren x


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