Pagan Blog Project: Trust

Whew, just touching on something light and easy as per 😉

Trust is a huge thing for me, the only people/things that I trust completely in my life are my Gods- simply because they’re Gods and therefore a hell of a lot less fallible and fickle than humans.

Because my trust in the Gods is so deep and unspoken I don’t really think it needs going into- so I’m going to briefly touch upon the people in my life that I trust.

Well, it’s a pretty freaking short list if I’m honest- my Go To Guy is the only person in the entire world that I trust completely and utterly, just because in the time that I’ve known him he’s done nothing except go out on a limb for me far too many times, defend me even when I’m in the wrong and never, ever tell anyone anything that I’ve told him…

Just underneath him in terms of levels of trust comes my best friend in the whole world, Cee- with her is Sir Callum and a couple of other friends.

Then come the people that I instinctively trust and love, the main one being Romeo- I only realised recently that I do really trust him, I mean, we have to get very physical with each other and it’s not something that bothers me… I tried to put into words why it didn’t and all that came out was ‘I trust you.’

In my opinion trust isn’t something that can be made or manufactured- I don’t know why I trust my Go To Guy more than anyone in the world (including my best friend) or why I would happily let Romeo do what he wanted to me- I just trust them, I just trust them wholly and completely.

I believe that we should always trust our instincts, and when it comes to trusting people I always try to do this- my gut tells me who I can trust and who I can’t.

I think that who people trust can tell you a lot about them- for example I trust my Gods and I (generally) seem to trust more men than women. Judging by my past I should really not be trusting men at all, but I do- I have no idea why this has happened but it has and it must say something about me.

So, people of the world- who do you trust and what do you think that says about you?

’til next time,

Wren x


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