Pagan Blog Project: Why I’m Solitary

Okay, so I kind of haven’t had internet for two weeks, came down with tonsillitis and started Romeo and Juliet rehearsals- hence the extreme lack of posting! Expect a flood now though… I have a lot to say 😉

I’ve always worked alone when it comes to Paganism- at first it was because I was twelve and so it was kind of necessary. However, as time’s gone on and I’ve started to dip my toes into the Pagan community I’ve realised that I much prefer working solitary.

I think I like the fact that I can have more control over things when I work alone, and that it makes for a much more intimate relationship between myself and my Gods, it also makes me feel that I can do anything and that my faith can weather any storm.

Obviously different things work for different people- so this is only my view, but I feel that to me working in a coven means relying on other people, and people are fickle and unreliable. The Gods are not.

I think for me it all ties in with the fact that I’m a very private person- that was one of the first things I said to my Go To Guy- it’s something that people need to understand about me, I have this little world that I live in, I mean, it’s one of the main reasons why I blog, I like sharing it with people, just on an anonymous basis 😉

The relationship between myself and my Gods is the most incredibly intimate thing. They know everything about me, so for me the idea of sharing that with other people feels incredibly exposing and wrong.

But each to their own…

’til next time,

Wren x


4 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: Why I’m Solitary

  1. This is a really lovely post =] The three members of WitchesMIX exist in a rather strange state…in that we are all solitary, but work together as a Coven. Many people find this odd, especially when they find out our practices range from Druidry to Voodoo (there are infact six in our coven). However, it is as you stated in your blog, our Solitary practices are deeply personal and somewhat private, so when we work as a Coven we share a little of what makes our faith tick as it were. And though people can be fickle, the idea of faith can be applied to humanity, it is a true test of our faith in our own species to trust another person, or a group of people, in the same way we would trust our deities. I hope this is not taken as a criticism of your way of living as this is not the case, we are merely stating the way we work as a comparison. Neither way can be seen as wrong as they work respectively for each of us.

    Hell, I still don’t know Gary’s Patron & Matron deities! That’s two years in!

    Have a fabby day now 😉

    WitchesMIX- Ed

    • Hi- thanks for the comment 🙂 I absolutely don’t take it as a criticism, I think it’s really enlightening to see how other people think and why they choose the methods that they do. The comment about trusting the rest of humanity is really interesting, I’d never thought of it in that way before!
      Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your views 🙂
      Wren x

  2. Hey Wren
    Love the post, I can and do really relate to why you are Solitary. Your Faith in Your/Our Gods is Purely Magical. I myself am Native Irish, rather than Celtic, but maybe not to different, but always alone. That is, to my mind, the pure beauty of the Path, Alone but never alone. Rely on Them and myself.

    as an aside, try Sage or thyme in boiling water, steep for 10 min, remove herbs and add a spoon of honey, sip cold to ease the throat.

    Walk in Balance

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