Pagan Blog Project: Release From The Past

What is this? I hear you cry- a Pagan Friday! Why yes, assorted people of the internet who have stumbled here by googling things such as ‘naked Druids’ and ‘dogs having sex’ (don’t ask, I neither know nor want to know) I have managed to write a Pagan Blog post on time!

Ignore my rambling… *cough* I’m just going to get on with it.

Shit happens. We all know that, sometimes it’s down to us doing something stupid, sometimes it’s the fault of someone else and sometimes it’s just life. Some of these things are trivial and easy to get over, other’s aren’t.

There are times when we find ourselves clinging onto the past, whether over a bereavement, unrequited love or failed relationship, and unable to move on. I think that it’s fine to have moments of grieving, of remembering the past, but when it starts to interfere with our future it’s something that needs to be dealt with.

There are lots of ways to move on from the past, from spells and meditation to the traditional psychological therapies, but how you move on isn’t the hard part.

The hard part is identifying when you have to let go of something- often the reason why these things remain on our minds is because they’re important to us and we have a strong emotional connection to them. This means that it’s hard to know when we have to let go.

We all have baggage that we shouldn’t be carrying around, and there’s no real way to tell when we need to let go of things- you just have to use your own judgement.


Wren x


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