Pagan Blog Project: The Questing Beast

As a sterling example of a writer I shall not be challenged by the letter Q- oh no my friends, I’m barely breaking a sweat…

This weeks entry is not a random wibbling rant but instead a little snippet of mythology for you… little being the crucial word.

The Questing Beast is a figure from Arthurian mythology, it is said to be the child of a mortal woman and the Devil and is interesting in the fact that it shows the overlap between Arthurian/Celtic mythology and the New Religion.

It is said to have the head of a snake, body of a leopard, hindquarters of a lion and feet of a hart, its belly full of baying hounds.

It was chased by Pellinore and then Palamedes (and appeared on the BBCs Merlin recently… something to youtube if you’re bored.)

Yeah… I said it was going to be little!


Wren x


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