Olympic Thoughts

As you people may or may not have noticed I’ve not really been around for a while… a while being around a week. It’s honestly because my mood just dipped, everything was getting on top of me and I didn’t know what to do, so I kind of went to ground for a little while.

Things are kind of fixed at the moment- note the use of ‘kind of’ in that sentence, haha- I’m not holding my breath.

This post is just a little reflection on the past week and the Olympics and all that random shit. I know, I’m so bloody eloquent. And I promise you’ll see this weeks Pagan Blog Project post from me ASAP.

I feel that Britain has been dribbling along recently, having a bit of a rough old time and feeling a little sorry for ourselves. We’ve been hanging our heads in shame at the incompetence of our leaders and generally feeling a little glum.

The Olympics have picked us up as a group of people- screw the politicians- they’ve shown that we as ordinary people have the strength and determination to win, and win big. (Ignoring the fact that we’ve been beaten by America and China medal wise.)

I hate sport, I was a massive Scrooge about the Olympics and for the most part I still am… but I don’t think anyone can feel bad about the way we’ve done and how it’s all brought us together as a nation. For the first time in my life I feel rather patriotic, and I’ll admit to being a little sad when it all finishes tonight.

Whilst I still think that the money spent could have been put to much better use (I touched on the subject here) and that my Ma should have been allowed to plan both the opening and closing ceremonies (she told me that the opening ceremony would consist of men in brightly coloured gimp suits and capes dancing to ‘Tiger Feet’ in a Teletubby-esque landscape) overall I have slightly, mildly, enjoyed the Olympics.

The next time they come I’ll be 21- which is sodding terrifying! I try not and look to the future as it makes me feel ill and stressed but I can’t help wondering where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing… okay, that’s enough wondering from me.

Before I go I just have to pay tribute to the true winners of the Olympics- my stunning, beautiful, slightly damp home county:


You may mock us for our brass bands, incomprehensible accents and utterly shit weather but you can never doubt our sporting prowess! Mwahaha!

That’s all for now my friends…

Wren x


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