Because I Quit My Job…

This is the first in a series of ‘I’m going to write more on my blog’ posts, cos I miss it when I don’t write, and I feel things have been a little stagnant lately. I haven’t even been writing in my diary…

Anyway, this is a shame as lots of interesting things have happened to me lately, so many in fact that I’m going to have to make a bullet point list.

  • I quit my job. Oh yeah, after six months of hell I never have to touch another bloody leaflet ever again in my life… *sigh* it’s the most beautiful feeling ever, I honestly can’t describe how happy it makes me. The downside is that I now have to find a new job- anyone in the Harrogate area wanting a Sunday girl? I don’t care what you make me do so long as the pay is good!
  • I got a new phone. I’m one of the most technogolocally ignorant people you will ever meet, it constantly amazes me that I can work this blog, up until a week ago I’d only ever had one phone in my life and I’d had for six years, so I was understandably frazzled when it died. However I managed to get my hands on a shiny new phone with a mega long battery (seriously, it’s only just died after being used constantly for the past week) and a camera! A lovely, shiny camera!This means that I no longer have to lug around my digital camera, I can take pictures where and whenever I want so expect constant photobomb from now on.
  • Remember my psych nurse’s son? The one that I got with? The one who shall now be referred to as ‘Pagan Boy’ on this blog? (Thanks to my go-to-Guy for that one) well we’re starting a group together and I think I agreed to go camping with him… oh god, you know those situations where you know it’s eventually going to come crashing down around your ears but there’s nothing you can do but wait? Well this is one of them. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do, I can’t just      ignore him, he’ll know something’s really wrong, and if my psych nurse finds out she’ll totally flip.
  • Speaking of CAMHS… I stuck two fingers up to them earlier on this week, called in to cancel my appointment cos I wanted a lie in. If they can fuck me about I can do the same, I feel much better now the control is back in my lap.
  • Sexy charity shop guy turned out to bat for the other side *sigh* but he’s still lovely and I still went ahead and did a shift there which was highly enjoyable. I was on the till and serving customers which was terrifying but quite fun, I was scared to use the till but only made one slip up which for someone who can break things with one touch is pretty impressive.
  • I almost lost my virginity. Oh yeah, I apologise for how technical this is about to get but it was as close as it could possibly have been, his erect (banana guarded) penis was touching the entrance to my vagina when I asked him to back off. Kudos to my go-to-Guy, he was a gentleman about it, I’m now having philosophical thoughts about virginity and all that crap which may appear in a post at some point. Don’t hold your breath for a Pagan Friday post though as I’m      hoping I’ll have lost it before we get to ‘V’ haha.
  • I had an epiphany about what makes a whore… more on that to come,
  • Oh yeah, and I quit my job! Did I already mention that? I never have to fold another fucking leaflet in my life!

’til next time (which will be very soon)

Wren x


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