Bellowhead At Harrogate Royal Hall

Yes, I promised you a post full of me being a sappy fangirl and I’m afraid this is it.

Being the dedicated fan that I am I booked a front row seat for this a few months ago (it pays to be early- and a student, discounts make my day) and have been excitedly crossing off the days since.

Unfortunately I didn’t factor in my friends and the potential drama that could happen, so Thursday turned from a pretty good day (looking after new Year Sevens with Michael) into a horrendously shit day (one of my friends choosing to bail out of holiday and not telling me.)

I came home in a very bad mood, sent out an angry ‘I can’t deal with your shit anymore’ email telling all of them not to contact me for the evening unless they wanted to be yelled at. As I’m one of those people who very, very rarely gets angry they really took this to heart… and yes, if you knew the very muddled and complicated context you’d understand why I was so cross- I’m not just a moody bitch ūüėČ

Anyway, I put on my favourite dress and heels (which seem to be becoming my dancing shoes) and set off for the Royal Hall where I found myself outnumbered by members of the older generation (again) I am starting to get used to it though, it’s kind of what happens when you enjoy things that aren’t mainstream.

The usher was very nice and jokingly told me I wasn’t to leap up onto the stage- I responded by telling him that I wouldn’t make promises I couldn’t keep.

When Bellowhead¬†themselves in the flesh entered the stage I did nearly cry with excitement (I know, if this post is going to illustrate anything it’s that I really need to get a life) and I was very impressed that everyone started stomping and clapping along straight away- I congratulated myself on getting a front row seat and therefore being surrounded by dedicated fans.

Some of the highlights of the evening had to be Captain Wedderburn, which¬†is one of those beautifully worrying folk songs,¬†Yarmouth Town-¬†which is my favourite ever Bellowhead song (narrowly beating New York Girls) Mr Sweeney’s pipes and Mr Mellon’s wonderful dancing.

By the time we were reaching the end I was moving around so much the whole being seated thing was proving to be a problem, and so then I was faced with the ‘should I stand up and make a fool of myself dancing?’ dilemma-¬†thankfully this was solved when everyone else stood up and I threw both caution and dignity to the wind. I’m still not sure what the hell I was doing (I felt sorry for myself dancing alone when surrounded by families and couples dancing with each other) but I went for it and employed my long forgotten dancing skills to do some kind of weird jig which I have since tried and failed to repeat.

I threw myself into it with gusto, really bloody going for it through three songs to the point where I couldn’t breathe or move and was reduced to clapping and hip swaying though the final few notes. I am also slightly worried that a man with a very fancy looking camera seemed to take quite a few photos of me whilst I was dancing… where those pictures now are is a mystery and one that I hope remains unsolved.

All in all it was possibly the best night of my life (which either speaks for how amazing Bellowhead are or how dull my life is) and I still haven’t stopped smiling.

Thank you Gentlemen and Ms McShane for an incredible evening- I shall be seeing you in York this November!

’til next time,

Wren x



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