Pagan Blog Project: Macha

When it comes to the letter ‘M’ there are lots of things I could write about, but for once I decided to go with my initial thought: the Goddess Macha.

In terms of the Gods I work with three generally, these are my patroness Brighid, Dagda and Macha herself. All of those three kind of appeared in my life, Brighid appeared in a meditation I was doing before I even knew who she was, Dagda has just always felt like some kind of Father (and answered every single one of my most whimsical prayers) and Macha was introduced to me by Brighid in another meditation.

I remember seeing her dancing around a campfire in the middle of a forest and watching how she moved and the raw power and presence exuding from her. It was something that had me in awe. I wanted to work with her, I wanted to be her.

Macha is a powerful Goddess, in a lot of versions she’s said to be an aspect of the Morrigan. She’s pleasant to work with but not one that you want to cross (a little more relaxed than Morrigan though.) I admire her a lot, she has an inner strength that makes her seem invincible.

One of my favourite stories is about Macha, it involves her relationship with the farmer whose wife had died. The story goes that Macha moved in with him and took the place of his wife, doing the tasks that needed to be done but telling him to tell no-one of her supernatural powers. One day the King was boasting that nothing was faster than his best racing horses and the farmer was unable to stop himself from going against protocol and claiming that his wife, Macha was the fastest.

Infuriated the King forced Macha to race against his horses, ignoring her pleas that she was heavily pregnant. Macha raced, won and gave birth to twins on the finishing line. Before she died she cursed the men of Ulster to feel the pangs of childbirth whenever they were in battle.

If nothing else I love Macha for cursing them so brilliantly, but more to the point I think it just illustrates what a strong Goddess she is, and how inspiring. There’s nothing else I can really say apart from that she’s a great Goddess to work with and learn from and hope to continue to do so for many years.

Blessed be,

Wren x


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