Wren’s Holiday and Assorted Drama

Yeah, I’m back… I know, I got back on Saturday and it’s now Wednesday, *sigh* I had stuff on- you know, life and all that.

Holiday was lovely, I normally don’t like going away but this time was rather nice. I got a week to relax and read and read and eat and read.

Some interesting points on our holiday had to be:

We drove up to Edinburgh from midnight – 5am on Saturday morning, it was crazy, I was forced to urinate in hedgerow… don’t know why I’m telling you that…

We got the plane over to Tuscany- the plane ride was awful- it was the first time I’d been on a plane since I started experiencing psychosis and I had a complete breakdown. Being cramped in such a small space with so many people talking reminded me too strongly of being trapped in a hallucination and I panicked.

Thankfully I just stayed sat down and shook and sobbed in my seat whilst everyone stared at me. I managed to make myself fall asleep. I woke up a couple of times but literally forced myself to keep my eyes shut until I went back to sleep. The whole experience was rather embarrassing and made me feel like a child.

The villa was lovely, after (ignoring the two hours of cramped sleep on the plane) 32 hours of being awake and 12 hours of travelling this was a welcome sight:

My makeshift bed 🙂

I also have to mention our transport for the week:


It very quickly became obvious that my joke-y name was worryingly appropriate- there was no Air Con in the back which meant that me and Ma nearly suffocated every time we went on a long drive :S

The rest of the week was spent reading, eating and wandering around random villages- Ma bought too much food, I fell down a mountain, Dan killed about twenty billion insects and Da drank too much beer and watched too much football.

Anyway, I got back on Saturday and went to bed, then on Sunday I sent out some casual texts and found that everything had fallen apart- for those of you who aren’t familiar with the random details of my life I should explain that I hang around in a gang of five which is me and two couples who happen to be my two best guy friends and my two best lady friends, one couple have been together for about a year and the other around six months.

So I got back and was informed, by text, that BOTH couples had broken up.

As you can imagine things are rather awkward at the moment… the boys are happy and chirpy (they both broke up with the girls) which is awkward, my girl friend who was in the relationship for a year hasn’t been in school yet. She says she’s ill but I think that at least part of it is caused by the break up.

It was pretty shocking, it really came out of left field and it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

And to make things worse all five of us are going on holiday in late August… wish me luck!

Oh, and CAMHS still haven’t got in touch… I’m also boycotting Facebook… erm, I think that’s enough for one post. I’ll expand on all the other little issues in another one.

Here are the promised photos of random Italian countryside- enjoy 🙂

’til next time,

Wren x


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