Pagan Blog Project: The Business of Killing and Other Assorted Life Related Issues

So, I’m currently surrounded by packing cases and am about to set off for the airport to go on holiday but I’m taking a break from that to quickly mark another Pagan friday here on the Druid Bird. As I have limited time I’m going to be tackling the simple, straightforward and relatively light ‘n’ easy topic of killing.

There was sarcasm there…

… Moving on.

To the best of my knowledge I’ve never directly killed anyone or anything- I try my best not to kill insects and tiptoe across the pavement after it’s been raining so as not to tread on worms.

Does that mean I’d be opposed to killing if the time came?

No. If I had to kill I would, I grew up on a farm, I had an Uncle who ran a pig farm and watched him take the pigs to slaughter on fridays- death isn’t weird, killing isn’t weird. It’s a necessity.

I’m not a vegetarian- but I stand firmly against animal testing and keeping animals in poor conditions.

We are humans, we eat animals- it’s the circle of life and all that. I accept that I might be a pig in my next incarnation, and that I may be slaughtered for meat- but to me that’s life.

I will also easily state that I would kill a human and eat them for their meat- life is life, no life is better or more worthy than another. I know I could easily be accused of being snooty here as I will most likely never have to prove that, but I hope that if the situation did arise I’d stick to my principles.

My stance on animal experimentation is a lot tougher, I believe that we should not experiment on animals at all, whether it’s for medicines or cosmetics.

There are many arguments for why it’s acceptable to use animals for experimentation, especially in regards to testing and developing medications, these are:

1) Animals have less developed brains than we do, therefore they cannot feel or think on the same level as we do.

2) They are a different species.

3) It’s for the greater good.

My responses to these are as follows:

1) If you think it’s okay to use animals for experimentation because their brains aren’t as developed as ours and they can’t think and feel like we do then I presume that you also think it’s fine to experiment on the severely mentally disabled, people who can’t function and process the world in the same way that we do…. no? Then this excuse is invalid.

2) The doctors working and experimenting on Jews, Gypsies, Poles and Soviets in the Nazi death camps were human. They had families and loved ones and were capable of empathy, love and regret. They did what they did because they saw those people asanimals,as a different species, as a different race.

3) Is perhaps the hardest defence to counter. I’ve lost many, many family members to diseases like cancer and so I’m not going to sit here and say that trying to find a cure isn’t a worthwhile endeavour- what I am going to say is that there are better ways, much better ways. We need to test on humans- it’s neither right or accurate to test on animals.

If it came down to it, if someone tried to hurt me or my family- would I kill them?

Yes. There are lines of course, I wouldn’t be so bothered if they were trying to attack me but if anyone tried to hurt my little brother I wouldn’t hesitate in killing them. I know that I’d do it, I know that I’d be capable, I know it in my bones. It’s a primal sort of knowledge and I’m comfortable with it.

The Wiccan Rede famously states: if it harm none do what thou will.

But sometimes we have to harm. Just as we have to die, I believe we have to kill.*

*(Should the occasion call for it… this is in no way an endorsement for you to go out and pick off that guy who starts mowing his lawn right outside your window at 7am on a Saturday.)

This is all my own opinion, I’m (honestly) in no way trying to get you to agree with me, simply stating my own thoughts on the subject and hopefully making you think about it a little too.

… now, where’d I put my sunglasses?

Blessed be,

Wren x


4 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: The Business of Killing and Other Assorted Life Related Issues

  1. That’s the tricky debate when it comes to animal testing, I basically say that testing for cometics is very wrong, and I make sure I don’t buy products which companies have tested on animals, like Loriel. However, the whole drug one is trickier. I think that we should test stuff on people who are in prison for life, it gives them a useful thing do do for society, but that’s my opinion. I also don’t endorse the death penalty, as that’s killing without a fair reason to, although if someone seriously harmed my boyfriend or my family then I would consider excecution. Another fantastic post, thankyou 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the testing on people in prison thing- that’s quite interesting. I’m really careful with the cosmetics products that I buy too, I think it’s a really interesting issue because everyone has different opinions about it, so it can provoke a lot of discussion 😀

      • I prefer to get my stuff for hygiene at Lush, then it’s good for animals and the enviroment! I love their perfume especially, at the moment, I’m wearing Ladyboy (yum!)

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