Because Me and My Black Dog are Going To Italy

So this is just a heads up that I’m jetting off to Italy for a week with my long-suffering family. I’m actually in the middle of a mild depressive episode at the moment so we’ll see how this goes! *manic sarcastic laughter*

When I can get back you can expect many beautiful things from me, including how doing a week of kindness challenge doesn’t work if you already take every opportunity to be nice to people, and how as soon as I really concentrated on being nice everything I did failed with hilarious results (special highlights include me shutting a door in someones face, smacking a guy in the crotch with a bottle of beer and getting caught pointing and laughing at a man in a giant pizza costume.)

You can also expect many hundreds of photographs of random Italian countryside and some lovely posts about my secret vintage alter-ego as well as stuff about the Ancient Celts, the approaching Solstice and depending on how my black dog reacts to solitude and close proximity to relatives a big splurge about my depression.

Oh and I hate my friends…. but seriously, you’d hate them too if they left you to sit alone in a corridor playing cards with yourself whilst they got off with each other, there wasn’t even enough chocolate to comfort eat properly…

I also promised to explain flag-gate. Will do that too. Complete with amusing picture… I seriously need to get some kind of memo system going…

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely time- I won’t be posting or emailing until the 9th (of June) so I’ll write soon… this is a little sad actually… *sigh*

’til next time,

Wren x


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