A Heatwave In Yorkshire and Other Improbable Things…

About a week ago I went into town with some friends after an exam and it was bloody freezing… Callum said that it was going to snow, and I believed him.

Fast forward to the present and I’m pleased to announce that after many false starts, hiccups and general screw ups:


I have gleefully broken out my summer wardrobe, for me the ultimate sign of summer comes in the form of tights… nude tights to be precise. I’m very temperature sensitive, in the winter I wear black leggings, move into black tights for Autumn/Spring and then into nude (or tight-less) in the summer.

I’ve also invested in a pair of very snazzy sunglasses as modeled by my stylish self below:

… my face making it’s internet debut… note the history revision stage right 😉

I had a day off today and so decided to do some baking and assorted random shit, for some reason when I got dressed today I turned into an Edwardian…

Not sure what happened there.

Anyway, I went on a baking spree and created these lovely things:

I have revision, sewing and shopping to do in the next few days- been listening to this:

And lamenting that it’s now being released on the 4th of June, when I will be on holiday!

Thankfully one of the books I ordered from Amazon arrived today, just waiting on the other three. This is the only fiction one and will be the first piece of fiction I’ve read in bloody ages. Am crossing my fingers that my flag will arrive tomorrow or I’ll be sneaking up to school in the dead of night… but more on flag-gate to come.

It’s 24 degrees over here- okay, I know it gets hotter than that in most places around the world but this is Yorkshire, I’m built for icy winds and hill farming, give me a break!

I’m going to have to go now, my poor laptop’s wheezing on and getting very hot, so if you’re somewhere warm enjoy it whilst it lasts!

’til next time,

Wren x


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