Wren’s Week of Kindness Challenge

So, tomorrow marks the start of Mental Illness Awareness week here in the UK, this year the theme is altruism and good deeds.

Based on a lot of things that have happened to me and around me recently I’ve decided to do something for MIAW 2012, I’ve thought a lot about the terms and what I should do and I’ve finally decided on my challenge- it’s not particularly impressive but it’s a challenge nonetheless.

Between midnight tonight and midnight on the 27th I’m going to try and perform as many random acts of kindness as possible.

They’ll be anything from smiling at someone, to picking up litter to opening doors and much more- I’m going to carry a pen around with me and try a keep a tally so that I have an objective measure and then write about some of the bigger and more interesting acts on here.

I have no idea how this is going to go so bear with me, but I’m basically going to try and be the nicest person in the world for the next week…

Wish me luck!

Wren x


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