Pagan Blog Project: Judgement

Judgement is something that I struggle with- I don’t feel like it’s my place to judge anyone else, but at the same time I’m still human and therefore still do it.

We judge people all the time internally, we can’t help that- it’s when we step out of that little box and do it externally that problems seem to arise.

Personally I believe that only the Gods have the knowledge and wisdom needed to provide judgement- but even that’s a little sketchy. I live in a world where there is no right or wrong, I don’t think we can classify actions into either of those camps (rape is the only thing I believe to be unanimously wrong, but I’m prepared to let other things into that camp too, so don’t hold me to it) I don’t have the experience or the wisdom to be able to pass judgement. I can try if I have to, and I like to think that when I do I’m fair and just in my ruling, but I generally shrink back from that.

On the flip side I don’t like people passing judgement on me- even in their minds- I used to get tetchy when I felt they were doing that but now I’ve relaxed a lot more, the Gods are the only ones I need to judge me favourably, their judgement is the one that matters the most and they can see into my heart. I honour them with my actions, my thoughts, my words and my feelings.

I don’t believe in any sort of judgement after death- so why am I moral?

The short answer is that I want to honour the Gods, and because I believe that being a caring, amiable and just plain nice person is the best way to get around in the world. I don’t want to make people angry or upset, I don’t want to offend them even when they’re doing something wrong.

I’m someone who holds strong views and has a defined sense of self, I know who I am and being what I am comes with a burden. As a Pagan I represent not only myself but everyone else of my faith- I need to come across as pleasant, reasonable, amiable and intellegent- when people find out that I’ve practised Witchcraft the response is either fear or mockery. I can counter mockery quite easily, I’m quite comfortable taking the mick out of myself which generally puts people at ease very quickly and (for some reason) makes them see that I’m not some ditzy fluffy bunny. Fear can be countered with familiarity, people who know me know that I’m relaxed and friendly and that seems to make them a lot less afraid.

So, judgement should be left to a higher power- we all judge and assume things about other people in our minds whether we know them or not, but when it comes down to actions we should try and remain unbiased, we as human beings can’t take into account the complexities of life.

Blessed be,

Wren x


4 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: Judgement

  1. I agree. Everyone judges. It’s just a natural thing. But I think the most important thing is what we do with that urge to judge. If a thought comes in our minds, we have the choice to dwell on it, or let it pass… here’s a quote: “We can’t keep the birds from flying over our heads, but we can keep them from making a nest in our hair.”

    Remember, too, that loving God(s) should also give “grace”. Although we may slip up sometimes, we shouldn’t be afraid that we’re going to get a big black mark on a tally. It’s when things become a habit and we continue to do it. Go easy on yourself. The fact that you’re even acknowledging this struggle shows that you are less judgemental than many.


    • Exactly, I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be about this sort of thing- I’m getting to a point where I accept my slip ups and I know that my Gods do too- the whole issue of judgement and forgiveness has been something that I’ve struggled with a lot, my dad’s a very unforgiving person, he’ll pick me up over the smallest things which makes me feel like I’m constantly doing something wrong; it’s incredibly freeing to realise that I’m human and I’m allowed to mess up sometimes.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      Wren x

      • My dad was like that growing up, too. So was my recent ex-fiance. It’s really damaging. I actually, for the time being have distanced myself from my dad and mom because I need to heal and learn through therapy how not to take their comments personally. But it’s hard when it’s your own parents. Somehow your soul knows something’s missing in the relationship.

        I wish you the best.Oh, one more thing. I’ve heard the comment, “where there’s strength, there’s always a weakness” meaning, I like to joke around a lot. It blesses people because they love to laugh, but sometimes I don’t know when to stop and it annoys them. I can work on the weakness, but I have to weigh the fact that because I have that ability, some negative will come with it. I don’t know if that helps, but it helps me give myself a little leeway.

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