Spiers & Boden At Harrogate Theatre; In Which Wren Dies and goes to Folk Heaven

It’s Tuesday and I’m still writing about the weekend… *sigh*

Anyway, on Sunday night I went to the theatre to see Spiers and Boden! I know, major excitement all round… I bought my ticket about a month ago after walking past the theatre and seeing the ad and had been counting down the days ever since.

For the non musically educated amongst you Spiers and Boden are a pair of amazing folk musicians who founded Bellowhead and have done amazing wonderful musical things.

Yeah I know, very descriptive.

It was a fabulous evening, I enjoyed every minute- I was almost crying when they started playing, it was so brilliant! Everyone was stomping and clapping along to each song and generally having a small rave (well, it was about the most excited I’ve ever seen the people of Harrogate.)

When they’d finished and left the stage everyone was still shouting for more so they came back on and announced that they were going to play a Bellowhead song- at this point I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would be my favourite one (New York Girls)… and guess what? Ahaha, I think I must have used up my decade’s quota of luck this weekend because good stuff never usually happens to me 🙂

Being a true folk geek I sang and stomped and clapped all the way through, everyone was so enthusiastic I could feel the theatre shaking I was quite smug that I was one of the few singing all the verses… yeah, small victories and all that.

Overall it was an amazing, exciting evening- I could ramble on forever showcasing how much of a fan I am but seeing my musical heroes in the flesh was (evidently) quite overwhelming!

’til next time,

Wren x



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