The Exams Cometh

It’s sunny outside.. and I’m going to ramble on about something or other, not sure what yet.

I had a little cry in the shower last night, I’m not sure why… I remember being really relieved that I could actually cry though, so at least that’s something to be happy about.

My mood’s really odd at the moment, I feel all adventurous and relaxed- and yet at the same time I feel really, really stressed.

My exams are coming and it’s slightly terrifying. I’ve done a little revision this afternoon and am tempted to try and do a bit more, I reckon I could get 1/6 of it done in the next few hours if I tried… but should I prioritize that over the essay that needs to be in for Tuesday? I’m really scared about this essay, it’s a philosophy one and I got a D in my last attempt. If I try at this one and still fail then I’m honestly going to cry, I’m trying my best and I just can’t get it.

CAMHS have abandoned me, the proverbial safety net has been removed- if I fall I’m going to break my neck. I’ll be fine, it’ll just bloody hurt.

If the sun’s out where you are then enjoy it 🙂

Wren x


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