Pagan Blog Project: Four Pillars of the Magus or The Witches Pyramid

Pagan Fridays are back once more…

The four pillars of the Magus- more commonly known as the Witches pyramid- are four aspects/skills that help deepen our understanding of the craft and give us guidelines with which to live.

They are:

To Know

Corresponds with air; to know is all about intellect and ‘book learning’ this pillar is one that I personally love to indulge in. Plain and basic knowledge is essential for practise of the craft- you can’t do anything if you don’t know what it is or why you’re doing it, and often the best way of finding these things out is through books. We aren’t all blessed with a physical teacher and so have to do the best we can with textbooks.

In my opinion ‘knowing’ is the foundation pillar, it forms the bedrock of our understanding of the craft, from this we can develop our understanding of the world and of ourselves, leading onto the other three pillars…

To Will

Corresponds with fire; will is all about inner strength and personal belief. We have to believe in ourselves and our abilities for them to work. If you do a spell and sit around thinking it’s not going to work, I know it’s not going to work… then it won’t work! You’re sending out ridiculous amounts of negative energy and destroying the delicate threads of magick you’ve just woven.

Will is about being certain about yourself and your actions, without strong self belief you can be swayed by others- sometimes into doing things you don’t want to. As a Witch you need to take responsibility for your actions, at the end of the day it will be you reaping the consequences- whatever they turn out to be.

But it’s not all negative and scary- will is about having the courage to stand up and walk the other way to everyone else, will is that little thing inside you that gives you the courage to physically stand up from your chair and walk from the room when you feel the need to protest what is being said, will is the thing that makes you shout loud enough to be heard, whatever the consequences.

Will is deep, silent courage that makes sure you stay true to your heart.

To Dare

Corresponds with water; to dare is a more obvious form of courage.

Starting to work with magick is terrifying, I know that it was months before I could turn out the lights without praying for protection from my patroness, Brighid. This may sound a little extreme but you have to take into account the fact that I had A) just stopped being a devout Christian and B) was essentially accepting the fact that I was playing with the fabric of the universe.

Both of those things meant that I was really, genuinely scared at the thought of casting spells. But it didn’t stop me. I kept pushing on, praying and protecting myself as much as I could, and eventually the fear faded away.

I’ve been scared in other areas too, scared when I had to give a presentation on Paganism to a group of Muslim students, scared of telling my dad about my faith, scared of having to deal with the death of a loved one, scared of having to live without someone, scared of being alone. There are so many things I could list here, but every time I’ve stood up and faced it.

Daring is about trying things, it’s about meeting new people or volunteering for something. In my experience it either fizzles out or goes really well, so really there are no downsides… if you don’t dare to try things then you’ll never know.

By its very nature the craft is frightening, you’re messing around with the intangible fabric of the universe- if you screw up it’s not going to be pretty- but if you do nothing you gain nothing.

To Be Silent

Corresponds with earth; is perhaps the most fundamental and yet unappreciated pillar.

I’m good at being silent, I’ve been silent for the best part of my life. Within Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism… whatever name applies to you and your path… it’s vitally important to keep silent about some things.

Part of this is practicality, I come from a very open environment and am surrounded by very open and accepting people, I know from talking to other people, even ones who live in the same town as me, that things aren’t always as easy as I’ve had them. There are things that I wouldn’t tell other people about- just because they wouldn’t get it, they wouldn’t understand, and people feel threatened by what they don’t understand.

The other part is that the craft is complicated and personal, when we stand in the circle we stand as ourselves at our most vulnerable, our most honest and open. We see parts of other people that they might not want us to… and that’s why we have to be silent. Keeping things inside of ourselves keeps them precious, it keeps them important and sacred.

Cheers for reading,
Wren x


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