Sunny Days and Shameless Fangirl-ing

Today the sun came out! Yeah, I know- this time last year we were still snowed in… anyway, I went into town for a bit to get a Mother’s day present for my Ma (spent the last of my money on it… I get paid in two weeks, just have to be good until then)

Spent the rest of the day lounging around in my room with the window open listening to O. Children… I’ll warn you now that I’m about to turn into a bit of a shameless fangirl here, so if you don’t want to listen to me being a massive girl you might want to scroll down to the end of this post…

Okay, O. Children are one of my favourite bands- I mean, I have loads so the title is pretty well contested, but these guys are right up there. I first came across them about a year ago when listening to A Darker Shade of Pagan and kind of fell in love.

I’m not normally a fan of music videos… but I can’t stop watching this one (seriously, how cold was that basement?)

They tend to be described as ‘post punk’ style but some tracks like ‘Radio Waves’ remind me of Glenn Miller and my other 40s jazz heroes, so take from that what you will. All in all they have a strong, rich sound that never fails to make me dance awkwardly.

After a long time out of the spotlight 😥 they’re finally back with a new album ‘Apnea’ set to be released on the 28th of May (the sad thing is that I didn’t need to look up the date…) I’m trying to stay calm and not fall into the sad fangirl trap of making a calender and counting down… I have SOME dignity left 😛

For a free download of this go here 🙂

If you want to know more then check out their facebook, twitter and MySpace.

Shameless music nerding over… I’ve had a lovely, relaxing day. I have a load of work that I need to do for tomorrow, which is not good… though that will be done later, sometime between watching telly and going to sleep. I’m about to check the weather forecast to see if the sunshine is going to last. I’m not sure whether I want it to or not, I’m more of a fan of winter than summer, but a mild spring would be nice 🙂

Wow, I’m now talking about the weather… I actually have interesting things I could be saying right now- but they can wait for tomorrow.

’til next time,

Wren x



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