So, For the Last Six Months I’ve Been…

The last… god knows how many months

I should have written this about a week ago when I actually reappeared on the blogging scene after being MIA for… *counts mentally* five and half months… but I’m writing it now, so yeah- here’s what I’ve been doing with myself for almost half a year.


I’m really tempted to start this with ‘I can’t freaking remember!’ and I know I should really be doing this at home when I have access to my diary. Yes, I’m writing this sat in the middle of the school library surrounded by people. My life is weird like that.

School was good… met lots of cool people and kind of strengthened the friendships that I had already.


I can remember October, LOTS happened in October:

Had a little battle with depression at the start which turned into a psychotic meltdown- which was a new experience, but you know what they say *tries to think of relevant saying* erm; ‘strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet’ (?!) yeah, it makes sense.

Anyway, the mentallness meant that the school took me off a trip that I was supposed to be going on. It was a week spent in Arizona with people working on a ranch and visiting places like the Grand Canyon and a Native American village. That was a massively sobering experience for me, it was like being hit in the face by a wet fish- it was the first major thing that my mentallness barred me from doing and made me sit down and really think about the world and my place in it- so yeah, deep thinking went on.


Was an interesting month filled with general life.  Didn’t have too many blips over November and ventured into dealing with the opposite sex- don’t get too excited people, I just mean flirting and shit- erm, stuff- STUFF- I really need to stop saying ‘shit’ in place of ‘stuff’ it causes embarrassment and awkwardness.

I had a lovely bonfire night with my friends, which kind of started off a load of outings and parties which were a lot of fun.


Started with a little blip and ended with me going into Agony Aunt overload- I also had a chance to lose my virginity. I know- that’s exciting! But I turned it down- okay, ‘turned it down’ should really read ‘rearranged my clothing and repeatedly pushed him off me’ he was a good boy though and was fine with it.

Yule was lovely; I spent the night in darkness with candles and strange documentaries on BBC4. I also had the window open all night which was kind of majorly creepy. It was pitch black outside with the wind howling up and down the street and a bell clanging in the distance all night. I half expected some escaped prisoner to start running down the road towards my house.

I also had a little trip to the beach, which was rather bracing- got some cheers from dog walkers when I went into the sea!

erm, Wren... you're walking in the wrong direction...

2012 ended with a prophecy- when walking back from Pizza Hut on New Year’s Eve with my friends a strange man with a crazy white beard drunkenly wobbled up to us and declared that we should; “Beware the Ides of March!”

We have been.


I kicked off 2012 in style, sat alone in an office in silence with one of my best friends, Michael, who was hunched over a preserving pan full of vomit groaning whilst I put my arm around his shoulders and pressed a damp flannel to the back of his neck. I thought that it would be bad taste to say ‘Happy New Year Michael’ when I heard the fireworks and cheering go off in the distance and so stayed quiet. I’m not sure if it beat my usual New Year’s tradition of watching the Hootenanny.

Anyway, we all soon recovered (some of us perhaps TOO well) and ended up sitting in my kitchen drinking until about 6am.

The rest of January went pretty well, I had a lovely birthday on the eleventh. My friends were wonderfully awesome and made me a cake and everything. I actually cried when they all started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. It was such an amazing moment.

I also had a great time cake baking with Jess and Callum- a tradition that we have continued.


I have really been enjoying February. It’s comprised of parties, mad drama rehearsing and Vintage clothing- three of my favourite things 🙂 obviously you’ve also been along for the journey this month so this is all I’m going to say here. Read the blog for more info!


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