Sod’s Law Strikes Again

A pretty picture to distract you from my incompetence!

I had two posts planned for today… well, two possible posts. One was on the party I was at over the weekend, the other was on vintage looks with modern clothing- it was quite an interesting post actually.

unfortunately I can write neither as I left my camera and my favourite 40s style dress at the house party I went to on Saturday night/Sunday morning *sigh* I also left a large box of biscuits… but that isn’t really relevant.

And before you get any ideas, I took my dress off to get into my nightie to go to sleep! I told one of my friends that I’d left my dress over there and he kind of got the wrong idea *blushes* but I assure you that it’s all completely innocent!

I’m kind of annoyed because I finally remembered to take some pictures of a party and then ended up forgetting to bring my camera back… I just can’t win 😛

I’m busy tonight doing my drama journal, I’m handing it in tomorrow which is kind of terrifying… and I have a lot of work on this week. Got to work during the week again because I’m out all Saturday afternoon (at a tea party, which there WILL be pictures of!) and I need to buy my friend a birthday present sometime this week. I went out on Saturday to buy presents for all my friends- I had three to buy- got cards and wrapping paper and everything… for TWO of them. Completely forgot my other friend- and she’s one of my best friends, which kind of makes it worse.

Anyway, I was in a tiz because I was supposed to be having an appointment with my psych nurse after school tomorrow, which would have meant one free evening taken away 😦 but she cancelled today, which I’m secretly relieved about- it now means that I don’t have to be rushing work. I did however get set an essay by my Russian history teacher that’s in for Thursday, which is just unfair. I have drama journal to do tonight and work tomorrow and Wednesday night. When am I going to have the time to sit down and write that? I’m exhausted after working- it does give me some funny stories though…

One hilarious blunder that I made today was sending a text to the wrong person… I sent: “Hey dearie, hows you? xxxx” to my psych nurse… (it was intended for Claire, my best friend) I very quickly texted her again saying: “Sorry about the last text, wrong number!” *sigh* I have a bad habit of almost sending her texts meant for other people- or of accidentally putting the wrong amount of kisses on texts- I like to send violent texts to one of my friends who happens to be just below my psych nurse on my contacts list- the amount of times I’ve accidentally clicked on her name instead (my phone lags a bit) and almost sent it to her is quite terrifying.

I think that’s enough of me wittering on about pointless subjects for one day… oh, and the good news is that I’ve finished writing my post on what I’ve been doing for the last six months! So expect that very soon 😀

Thanks for putting up with me 😉

Wren x


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