Work, Friends and Films

Whew, have had a hectic couple of days- as you can tell from the lack of posting.

Firstly I’d like to start by elaborating on my last post and saying that it turned out that the friend I was talking about was absent because she’d tried to top herself. Yeah, my friend tried to kill herself… actually, seeing it typed there is kind of sobering, I haven’t thought about it much and now seeing it there in black and white kind of brings home that it was a bit serious- but that’s for another post.

I had a good time on friday night, went out for a meal with my friends and then went back with some people to Jess’s house where we messed around for a few hours and ate junk food 😉 it was a nice, relaxing night.

Yesterday I was working- nothing glamourous, I distribute leaflets- for most of the afternoon. Got very sore feet and achey shoulders for my troubles, I’m spending next saturday looking for another job, hahaha. I don’t mind this one but I could earn more with less effort by doing something else- add to the fact that climbing up rickety fire escapes to get to letterboxes is not the best activity for someone who’s terrified of heights (I have to climb down on my bum, which is a little embarrassing…)

One highlight from yesterday was watching Howl’s Moving Castle– I’m shocked I’ve never seen it before, it’s completely amazingly awesome- I’m officially in love, hahaha! I’m going to hunt out the book and read that ASAP, so I’ll let you know what I think.

I’m now going to think about doing some coursework…




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