Shrewsbury, Stress, CAHMS and Assorted Whinging…

The Rain Appreciation Society

Hello people of the world! I’m not dead; I’ve been in Shrewsbury for a few days.

 I should add that I didn’t choose it- I was there against my will, though not in a ‘kidnapped’ way. My Dad found a deal online for a cheap hotel room. There were four of us in a confined space for two days- and yes, it was as bad as it sounds.

We spent Tuesday walking around Shrewsbury in the midday heat. We walked for at least a couple of miles down a smelly canal with no shade. I’m also on the rag which didn’t exactly help matters.

At one point I was about 20 or so metres behind the rest of my family. I could barely move thanks to the pain around my stomach and lower back (we’re talking about period pain here ladies and gentlemen…) my feet weren’t in a brilliant condition either.

The one good point was that I was carrying the food- meaning that they couldn’t leave me behind, and that they had to wait for me to catch up at my own pace. It was a nasty experience; I don’t fare well in hot weather!

The back end of last week was extremely unpleasant. We got the news that my Auntie had developed a chest infection, meaning that they couldn’t operate within the 72 hour window that they had. My Mum was hysterical, she just collapsed on me- we really thought she wasn’t going to make it.

But fortunately she survived the night and the operation the next morning went as well as it could have.

They’ve stopped the medically induced coma and are now waiting for her to wake up- apparently she’s now in a normal, non medically induced coma- which is a little more worrying.

We don’t know how much brain damage there’s going to be, it’s not going to be easy for anyone involved.

I’m off to Suffolk next week (well, this Saturday) I’m exhausted and I just want to stay at home! I really don’t fancy tramping around the South for a week (no offence) I hope it rains. Hahaha, I sound like a right miserable git…

In other (slightly old) news I got a letter!

I peeled back a little of the flap to be greeted with this sight:

My exact response was, and I quote;


I assumed that it would either be about getting me less treatment, not a good thing because I’m pretty mental at the moment, or getting me more treatment which would also be a not very good thing because I literally can’t move for appointments.

It was actually a notice for my next appointment with my psych nurse, who has been ill for a while, so all was good in the Wren house.

I have a lot of things to talk about at the moment- namely the events in Norway and the DC40 Prayer War– the latter being something that is causing a small crisis within the Pagan community.

Listening To: ABBA… don’t ask.


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