Fork Lightning and the NHS

Right, here we go- coherent post coming up.

I think it would be a shame to go any further without commenting on the rather violent weather we in the North have been experiencing. About two weeks ago we had a spate of incredible thunderstorms. I got pretty excited because it was the first time I’d ever seen fork lightening (in real life- I’ve seen it on telly) I did however, in true Wren style, panic because I couldn’t remember what safety precautions you were supposed to take when there was lightening. I paced up the hallway for a bit before my mum informed me that my brother was riding about on his bike somewhere in town and I realised that anything I did would be safer than that.

(Metal bicycle + fork lightening = ?)

You’ll be pleased to hear that he was fine- it did have me in a bit of a flap though.

I have some amazing weather pictures for you, they’re of the rain- my camera’s too slow to capture lightening in action.

Rain...... And more rain

Anyway, I got up today, slobbed around for a little while and then made my Grandma’s birthday cake- which I have a picture of:

Mmm, cake...

It’s a lemon sponge cake with lemon curd in the middle and lemon icing. This is the third one of these cakes I’ve made for her in about a year. I think it’s shame that I’ve never gotten to taste any of them!

My mum’s phone has been going all day, every couple of minutes there’s either my cousin or some batty Yorkshire woman from the WI calling about my Auntie. My mum completely broke down on me this afternoon; she just started crying into my shoulder. I sat and hugged her for a while, keeping quiet and letting her talk. (You see, therapy does teach you something.)

My Auntie’s being operated on tomorrow morning (we think, this is the NHS we’re talking about- the equipment they need has already broken down twice so they’ve had to take her via ambulance and police escourt to another part of the country where the equipment actually does work.) And they should be bringing her out of the coma on Friday/Saturday. That’s when we’ll have a good idea of the prognosis.

Holy fucking shit.

I think I deserved to swear foully just then.

I have a nice little reading nook, it’s my windowsill- to the surprise of passers-by- but it only works for about an hour tops. Anything after that and my arse starts to die. It’s nice to sit there and read in the evening because its peaceful (I have the window open) and I get lots of fresh air and hear the birdsong. I especially like it when it rains because my window is sheltered by overhang from the roof so I don’t get wet. I do however make a rapid retreat from the window when there is lightening about… my obsession goes as far as stopping me using the facilities during a lightning storm because there’s a window above the bog.

Listening to: Assassin by Muse, I got this CD for my brother for Xmas and then stole it to put on my iPod recently. This definitely isn’t my favourite Muse song, it’s okay- a little loud and without a lot of emotion. I prefer my Pagan music.