Early Morning Ramblings: My Auntie, Drumming and the Warsaw Uprising

Here we are again. I have lots of photographs to share with you and lots of things to talk about- so this may seem a little disjointed.

The first and most pressing issue is that my Auntie has been taken into hospital, she was found collapsed and she is currently in intensive care. All that they know is that she has bleeding on her brain and is now in a medically induced coma. My mum’s absolutely shattered; she and dad spent all of today at the hospital. I’m looking after my little brother and taking care of the house. I don’t mind it but it’s pretty draining having to be my mum’s rock, I feel exhausted. It’s also awful wandering around an empty house for hours waiting to hear what’s going on and being a glorified message service for my mum’s side of the family who are all ringing to try and talk to my mum about what’s happening.

In my experience, people who go into hospital don’t come out again. I think I’m already starting to mourn, and that’s weird. I’m trying to stop myself but I don’t know how to, in my head all I can think about is that she’s not going to come out of that place, I can’t stop my mind from assuming that. I feel emotionally drained and I don’t know what the hell to do.

The only entertainment I have at the moment is cycling into town and getting a book from the library. I’m slowly going through their entire history section, I’m also aware that when I mentioned the word ‘book’ most of you immediately assumed I meant fiction. That particular assumption causes a lot of interesting conversations.

I got my drum a while back, it’s beautiful, I really enjoy playing it although I have been relegated to the garage when my drumming can’t be heard. I’m getting quite good- if I do say so myself- and it serves to confuse the average passer-by.

Me playing the Bodhran- the right hand side of the photo has been photoshopped to hide a large pile of laundry.

I should also state that I am writing this at an appalling hour and consequently am not making much sense.

I also put the final polish on my manuscript and was preparing to send it off yesterday; unfortunately due to the above circumstances I was unable. Wow, I sound as though I should be here wearing a corset and reading by oil lamp.

I’ve been doing some research into the Warsaw Uprising– if you are reading this then I urge to you to look it up, click on the link- it’s a piece of history that we in the West know virtually nothing about- which is shameful.

Whew, I think I’m going to wrap this up with the promise to take some time tomorrow to write an entry that actually makes sense. Next time there will be pictures… I also have an informative article on books coming up- it’s a lot weirder than it sounds…


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